Co-op reveals shopping habits of Norfolk & Suffolk holidaymakers

Central England Co-op has revealed what holidaymakers pop into their shopping baskets as they enjoy their summer holidays on the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline.

The retailer has shone a light on customer shopping habits during peak summer months all the way from Wells-next-the-Sea to Kirkley in Lowestoft.

Research carried out by Central England Co-op shows that stores in tourist areas see on average a 40% sales uplift during the summer period.

Unsurprisingly, the research shows that ice creams are among the big sellers at the retailer’s coastal stores, while strawberries, cucumber, bananas, milk and bread are routinely the most popular items.

The research also highlights differences between locations – for example sausage rolls are a big seller in Lowestoft, while salmon fillets appear particularly popular in Cromer.

The month of August is the busiest time in these areas as visitors flock to enjoy the British summertime and with more and more people choosing to holiday in the UK, Central England Co-op’s coastal stores are ready to help them have an amazing holiday.

Mark Dixon, Store Manager at Wells-next-the-Sea, (pictured) said, “As soon as the school summer holidays start we see a big uplift and the end of July and August are very busy times for us.

“This year the products that have been particularly popular have been summer fruits and salad, soft drinks, ice creams and anything picnic related as people head to the beach.

“We also stock items to help people enjoy their day at the beach, with items such as beach mats, wind breakers, beach toys and balls which are always popular.

“However, our busiest period of the day is between 4pm and 8pm as people come in off the beach and pick up their tea – that period is non-stop and we take more sales during that time than the entire rest of the day.

“We pride ourselves on knowing our customers, many who come back every year, and having what they need and want in stock to make sure their time away in the glorious locations we have in this part of the world runs as smoothly as possible.”

Tanya Allen, Manager at Central England Co-op’s store just yards from the seafront in Kirkley, Lowestoft, said food-on-the-go items were also particularly popular at her store during the summer holidays.

She said: “We get busy as soon as the six week holidays start at the end of July and it is constant all the way through to the end of the holidays.

“Cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks are the products we see a particularly big uplift in, as well as ice creams, ice lollies and bags of ice when the sun is shining.

“We see a lot of holidaymakers coming in off the beach so we make sure we stock up with lots of water and soft drinks to meet their needs.

“So if anyone needs a little extra holiday treat or to top up their supplies while on their break, we cannot wait to see them and provide great service and great deals to help them enjoy an amazing holiday.”