Shaftesbury awards sustainability mark to Carnaby tenants

Shaftesbury, owners of Carnaby in the heart of London’s West End, is proud to award the first tenants in the area with their Blue Turtle mark.

The Blue Turtle is a sustainability initiative in collaboration with ocean conservation charity Project 0 to inspire the restaurant, bar and cafe´ community of Carnaby to take action to protect the ocean.

The Rum Kitchen, Crumbs & Doilies, Bread Ahead, Jinjuu and Pure are the first tenants to be awarded their Blue Turtle mark, proudly installed in their windows signifying their commitment towards being ocean-friendly and improving their practises.

The initiative is run by Shaftesbury in collaboration with Project 0 and advised by an expert committee including ZSL/OneLess, Leon, Veolia, A Plastic Planet and Blue Marine Foundation.

The Blue Turtle aims to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic products and encourages businesses to adopt more sustainable practises. Shaftesbury have created an ocean-friendly toolkit that provides tenants with information on where to source sustainable products, services and suppliers as well as local regulations and hands on support.

Shaftesbury is the largest freeholder of restaurants across the West End. The vision is for Carnaby to become the most ocean-friendly destination in London with over 60 restaurants, bars and cafes. Shaftesbury’s F&B tenants are being asked to make a pledge to eliminate single-use plastic products, provide free tap water access, reduce waste and source seafood sustainably.

Once businesses commit to changing their practises and put an action plan in place, the restaurant, bar or cafe´ will be awarded a Blue Turtle which will be displayed in their venue to show customers their commitment.

Over 40 tenants have now signed the pledge including The Good Egg, Whyte and Brown, Dirty Bones, Pizza Pilgrims, Darjeeling Express, Polpo and Pastaio.

The ocean is Earth’s life support system, taking up 70% of our planet’s surface and giving us every drop of water we drink and every second breath we take. Today, the ocean is under attack from climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution. It’s time to show it some love.

Simon Quayle, Shaftesbury, Director said, “Our vision is for businesses and consumers in Carnaby to come together and make a real difference with their actions, lead by example and help create a collective change for a more ocean-friendly London.”

Michele Clarke, Project 0's Founder, added, “The Blue Turtle is a way for people to identify restaurants, bars and cafees who have adopted ocean-friendly practices.

'We feel extraordinarily lucky to be working with Carnaby, who are absolutely the perfect partner in the best place in London to launch the Blue Turtle. Individual actions really matter so we’re thrilled to be taking this important step towards restoring the ocean.”