Elior & Urban Rajah launches new vegan dishes

Elior UK and Ivor Peters (the TV chef and spice expert known as the Urban Rajah) have launched a vibrant new range of warming vegan dishes, the Chilla Series.

Re-mixing regional vegan Indian cuisine into 21st century modern classics, the menu concept is based on North Indian chickpea flour pancakes known as chillas. The protein packed pancakes are topped with Bangalorean lemon rice, vegan curries, chutneys and raita, and can be accompanied by a choice of colourful sides.

The new range was created due to the growing demand for more vegan options. With one in three people cutting down on or cutting out meat entirely, the Chilla Series meets the need for rich, flavoursome and varied plant-based options.

The Urban Rajah said, “Veganism is a lifestyle that has existed in the Indian subcontinent for centuries – it’s simply known as ‘food’. But food should never feel like Groundhog Day – it should be a multi-sensory experience!

“Our chillas pack a punch, flavoured with zingy herbs, warming and aromatic spices, sweet and nutty tones and sharp citrus notes. And with so many flavour combinations, you’ll never get bored. Indulgence meets detox with this blend of rich flavours and nourishing ingredients – truly fit for a Rajah!”

The Chilla Series consists of:
· Chilla pancakes: Rich in protein, these chickpea flour pancakes have a distinct earthy, spicy flavour, with hints of coriander
· Bangalorean lemon rice: zingy lemon rice combined with cashew nuts, curry leaves and mustard seeds
· Vegan curries: Southern squash cafreal, roast aloo ghobi, vegan keema matar, jackfruit rogan josh
· Chaat sides: street corn chaat, golden ghobi chaat, roast root chaat
· Chilla toppers: crispy fried onions, toasted chickpeas
· Chutneys and raita: prune and tamarind chutney, mint and cashew chutney, coconut and paprika raita
· Garnish: cucumber and radish pickle
· Drinks: golden cinnamon milk, strawberry chocolate lassi

To bring the colourful concept to life, Elior sites can choose from a range of Urban Rajah branded items including T-shirts, aprons, posters and product cards.