CESA launches service for post-Brexit CE Mark Compliance

CESA has warned that, amongst all the furore surrounding Brexit, one area that some British manufacturers and suppliers are overlooking is CE Mark compliance.

To be fair, it’s currently an issue that tends to be sorted then filed away in a drawer. But, the Association warns, post-Brexit, CE Mark compliance is likely to be policed much more vigilantly than is currently the case, both for importers and exporters of catering equipment.

For any business that is concerned about the issue, CESA has partnered with specialist consultant Steve Witt Consultancy and Design Ltd, SWCD, to launch a CE Mark Compliance service. It includes a free consultation to establish whether or not the company complies with the necessary legal requirements. If more work is needed, SWCD can provide consultancy to steer the company through the work.

Before the initial consultation, interested businesses are invited to fill in a twenty ‘yes/no’ question report that should help them check compliance to see if they need to take further action to remedy any gaps. Once that’s done, if they are still concerned, they can contact CESA or SWCD to book the free consultation.

Steve Witt of SWCD said, “To keep doing business after Brexit, equipment suppliers will need to show they have the necessary level of documentation to meet the legal requirements of CE Marking or the EC Certificate of Conformity. They must also have the required procedures and record keeping in place, whether as the OEM or as the importer or distributor of finished products.”

The CE Mark compliance service is open to both CESA members and other companies.

(image: pixabay)