Café Rouge completes first phase of AccessAble implementation

Café Rouge has implemented the first phase of its activity with AccessAble, conducting and publishing a full survey of the accessibility across 50 sites.

The activity follows July’s announcement that the well-known French Bistro had become the UK’s first major restaurant chain to work on detailed access guides with AccessAble, the UK’s most popular and trusted provider of access information.

The latest move further demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences for all. The company has also updated the signage on easy access toilets from ‘disabled’ to ‘accessible’, in support of those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Access Guides for 50 restaurants in the estate are now available online, via the AccessAble app and on each restaurant’s website, including details ranging from car parking spaces and accessible toilets, to hearing loops and lighting levels. The implementation will help the UK’s thirteen million disabled people, and seven million carers, make informed decisions on where best to dine and enjoy their restaurant visits.

The next phase of activity includes plans to introduce two-handled cups for customers with dexterity challenges and portable ramps for branches with stepped access.

Greg Gibbons, Brand Director at Café Rouge: “It’s great to have implemented the first phase of our strategy with AccessAble. We firmly believe that everybody should feel comfortable in visiting our restaurants, and the swift delivery of these guides demonstrates our commitment to achieving this.

“Many disabilities are invisible, and something as simple as adding a sign to our easy access toilets, can make a fundamental difference to those with specific needs. This is something we’re immensely proud to be implementing and we very much look forward to welcoming all customers for fantastic experiences over the Christmas period and into the New Year.”

AccessAble aims to help people with a wide range of accessibility requirements including visual and mobility impairments, autism, mental health issues and long-term health conditions. The guides are also designed to help others with access needs, such as parents with prams or the elderly needing to know more about walking distances or areas to rest.

By speaking to and working with thousands of disabled people and carers throughout the year, AccessAble ensure that the Guides comprehensively cover the needs of those with accessibility requirements. AccessAble already works with high street retailers including Marks & Spencer and Next, the majority of universities, major shopping centres and many other key leisure and tourist destinations.

Barry Stevenson, Chairman of AccessAble, added: “It’s fantastic to see Café Rouge leading the way for the hospitality industry and taking the steps required to ensure that all of its restaurants are accessible and enjoyed by all. We look forward to progressing further changes over the coming months and certainly hope that more restaurant businesses will follow suit.”