Steelite secures exclusive distribution deal with Bormioli Rocco

Hospitality tabletop & buffet solutions leader, Steelite International has announced its distribution agreement made with Bormioli Rocco to distribute and market their glassware and accessories in the UKI market.

Steelite International UKI now stocks over 42 Collections and 250 SKU's of stemware, barware, and accessories for the hospitality industry.

Unique features and attributes include the exclusive 'Star Glass' composition that produces Lead-Free Crystal with extreme brilliance and clarity and XLT treatment, which reinforces the stems to protect them from abrasion or breakage when washing and polishing. The ranges also offer Tempered Glass, Reduced Thickness, Pulled Stem, and Laser Cut Rims.

John Miles, CEO, Steelite International, said, 'Steelite International has been a Bormioli Rocco partner in the Americas for over ten years with stunning success. The opportunity to partner in the UKI was a natural progression of our relationship; we look forward to achieving the same level of success in the UKI that we have consistently found in the Americas.'

Paolo Ganapini, Group Sales Director, Bormioli Rocco, said, 'Bormioli Rocco has a worldwide presence in the hospitality industry. Our strong partnership with Steelite America has been very successful, therefore extending the distribution agreement to the UKI makes sense. Through Steelite's distribution, sales, and marketing network, Steelite will both consolidate, stock, and sell Bormioli Rocco in the UKI through their strong representation.'

Giuseppe Chiodo, International Sales Manager, Bormioli Rocco, said, 'We are confident that this new partnership will bring excellent results for both companies and UKI customers. The new agreement will give Steelite UKI a more comprehensive line of glassware and accessories for the foodservice industry.'

Bormioli Rocco is an Italian leading glass manufacturer and a significant global player with three production plants, two decoration facilities, and five sales subsidiaries. Founded in 1825, the Bormioli Rocco company today exports its products to more than 100 countries in the world and represents one of the most important glassworks on the international scene.

Electra - Electra's modern lines are ideal for an elegant and contemporary table setting. The Electra XL Wine glass has a brilliant shine and is light and practical to use. These glasses are highly resistant to wear and dishwashing. The stem of the glass, produced in one piece with the bowl, is obtained through a particular hot pulling process of the stem. This technology allows us to manufacture products whose shapes are elegant and refined.

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