Morrisons launches beer made from surplus bread

Morrisons has joined forces with Saltaire Brewery to exclusively launch a beer made using surplus bread from its Rathbones bakery.

The £1.75 ale aptly named Morrisons The Best Saltaire 'Breadwinner' has been launched in response to Morrisons commitment to reduce food waste.

The Rathbones bakery based in Wakefield, will donate all surplus bread that will then be used in the brewing process to add toasty notes to the orangey flavour of the hops, creating a refreshing bottle of golden ale.

The bread is used to replace some of the malt in the brew, extracting starches and breaking them down into fermentable sugars, so the bread acts as more than just a flavouring.

Jack ColeClough, Morrisons Beer Buying Manager, said, “After launching Saltaire Brewery in a few local Yorkshire stores it was so popular that we now offer bottles across the country for customers to enjoy. We hope customers enjoy this beer because it tastes great and cuts down on food waste!”

Morrisons The Best Saltaire ‘Breadwinner’ will be available in just over 300 stores from today.