Morrisons extends immediate payments for smaller suppliers until 2021

Morrisons will continue to make immediate payments to its smaller suppliers until the end of January to continue to help them through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and to help provide stability now the UK is in a recession.

The supermarket chain has been making these immediate payments to help small foodmakers and farmers with their cashflow since March.

The payments also help further highlight the supermarket’s support for British farmers in the week British Food Fortnight comes to a close.

A 5% discount that Morrisons’ farmers receive on their grocery shop is also being extended to thank them as they continue to help feed the nation.

David Potts, Chief Executive of Morrisons, said, “Suppliers and farmers have told us they face ongoing pressure and we want to be there for them during this challenging period. We highly value the continued and consistent efforts of British farmers and small suppliers and want to say thank you and extend support where we can.”