Stonegate awards contract to The Beer Company

The latest round of tenders for cask ale distribution and supply sees Stonegate Pub Partners being able to access a significantly increased range of ales as national distributor, The Beer Company, is awarded the contract.

The former 3,200+ Ei pub estate, which joined forces with Stonegate Pub Company prior to the 2020 lockdown, has seen a wide range of support given from its new owners throughout the pandemic with rent and trade credits as well as access to competitively priced deals on wines and spirits.

This latest move sees Stonegate Group extend its commitment to supporting cask ale and craft brewers as its portfolio of suppliers increases enabling tenants a variety of choice across thousands of cask ales, craft lagers and local ciders.

“This move broadens the wide variety of choice we offer to our publicans whilst increasing the opportunity to stock products from local suppliers”, said Miles Selby, Director of Logistics and Customer Service. “We would like to thank SIBA for their support over the years and their continued assistance as we transition to The Beer Company going forward.”