UKH comments on Government’s self-isolation exemption list

UKHospitality’s CEO has made comment on the publication of the Government’s self-isolation exemption list, from which hospitality was omitted.

Kate Nicholls, said, “It is disappointing that the Government has drawn the list of roles so tightly and left hospitality and the rest of the economy to face the consequences.

'We now face a summer of venue closures and reduced service, when we should be at a seasonal peak. The sector will do all it can to provide great service, but it will be with one hand tied behind our back.

“We all want to stop the spread of the virus, but we need a more pragmatic solution from Government.'

Nicholls concluded, 'Those who are fully vaccinated should be able to test after a ping and, subject to a negative result, carry on with their lives. For those not fully vaccinated two negative tests should be sufficient to return to work.”