Chicago Town reveals top pizza topping vote

In a quest to discover the nation’s favourite pizza, twelve iconic pizza toppings battled it out to win votes from the public, with nearly a quarter of a million (228k) votes cast via the Dr Oetker brand, Chicago Town's website.

Magnificent Meat Feast which features all the meats – pepperoni, ham, fennel sausage and even meatballs secured a whopping 48,000 votes and was crowned the nation’s number one pizza topping, followed closely by Pepperoni in second place.

The UK’s most-debated pizza topping which divides the nation time and time again, Ham and Pineapple came in 10th place – is there any real surprise there?!

Ham & Pineapple, Vegan Cheeezeburger and Cheesy Ham and Bacon were among the first to be voted out of the pizza tournament. Loaded Cheese along with Chicken & Bacon also made a shock exit in the first round despite being anticipated favourites.

Falling short of the final were Chicken Club and Mega Meaty, making it to third and fourth place.

The top pizza toppings as voted by the British public:
1. Magnificent Meat Feast
2. Pepperoni
3. Chicken Club
4. Mega Meaty
5. Chicken & Bacon
6. Loaded Cheese
7. Cheesy Ham & Bacon
8. Honey Salami
9. Vegan Bac’n & Mushroom
10. Ham & Pineapple

Drawing inspiration from the ‘The Magnificent Mile’ in Chicago, Magnificent Meat Feast promises the ultimate meat extravaganza for pizza lovers. Loaded on top of ooozing mozzarella cheese, a whole loada pepperoni, sausage crumble, ham and meatballs sit proudly, basking in the glory of winning the title.

Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager at Chicago Town, said, “When we created Magnificent Meat Feast, we knew it’d be a hit with our nation of meat lovers, and we went the extra mile to ensure that the pizza delivers big on flavour. We’re thrilled to see it win and be a favourite with pizza lovers!”