Deliveroo rebrands corporate arm as it hits 20,000 clients worldwide

Deliveroo has today rebranded its ‘Deliveroo for Business’ corporate arm as ‘Deliveroo for Work’ as it hits a milestone of 20,000 global clients.

Deliveroo for Work now caters for four million employees worldwide and serves 20,000 clients globally including some of the world’s biggest brands such as Facebook, TikTok, Snowflake, Expedia, Charlotte Tilbury, and Red Bull.

Since the start of the year, demand for corporate food delivery has continued to rise, with gross transaction value increasing by 165% year-on-year in the second quarter.

Following this growth, Deliveroo for Work has launched a new service, Plus for Work, which will help employers attract top talent and motivate their staff.

The new service enables companies to offer their employees unlimited free delivery on personal Deliveroo orders - regardless of their location - from Deliveroo’s thousands of restaurant and grocery partners, so that they can enjoy a tasty weekend takeaway or stock up on groceries while saving up to £4 on delivery costs.

As businesses look to recover post-pandemic, ensuring staff feel connected, rewarded and productive has never been more important. Through Deliveroo for Work, companies can offer their employees a huge range of benefits, from e-gift cards and treats from work, to tasty team lunches.

Data from Deliveroo for Work reveals the differing tastes of workers across professions: bankers favour Italian food, lawyers are more likely to order sushi whilst technology, marketing and media firms have a preference for American food.

Deliveroo for Work’s offering also benefits businesses as they look to cater to their workers’ tastes and needs.

Deliveroo’s Hybrid Canteen service supports offices looking for an alternative to the traditional canteen, allowing employees to expense their meal to their firm both from home or from the office, and enabling employers to cater for the right number of employees in the office on a certain day.

As a result, companies can easily cut down on excess food, saving thousands of pounds in the process.

Juan Diego Farah, Global Head of Deliveroo for Work, said, “We’re excited for the next phase of growth for Deliveroo for Work, as we continue to fully cater for our clients’ food & beverage needs, be that bringing teams together over a meal, hosting catered events or offering employee perks.

'We see ourselves playing an important role in helping businesses bring their teams together as flexible working becomes all the more normal.”

Jenny Lyman, Senior Marketing Manager, Slack said, “At Slack we have used Deliveroo for Work during virtual events and as a way to connect with our customers. While we were not able to be with them in person, we wanted to continue to surprise and delight them, and this approach allowed us to do that.

'I would highly recommend any business consider how they can use Deliveroo for Work in their client and employee benefits strategy.”