Levy UK+I creates & fills new Net Zero Lead role

Levy UK + I, the sports and hospitality sector of Compass Group UK and Ireland, has appointed Business Director Kevin Watson as Net Zero Lead, a new role created as part of the rollout of its long-term sustainability strategy.

Responsible for overseeing the food strategy at November’s COP26 at the SEC in Glasgow, Watson will now implement a range of initiatives to help drive forward ambitious environmental targets. These include Levy UK+I’s plan to become net zero in the UK by 2027, which will require an 80% decarbonisation of the business.

Watson will focus on implementing a bottom-up approach by collaborating with venue partners to establish credible baselines and create tailored sustainable event management plans, designed to support clients at every stage of their journey towards adopting more environmentally-friendly practices and operations.

Levy UK+I is also to launch its Recipe for Change roadmap, a company-wide version of the sustainability plan originally developed for COP26. Outlining its intent, including commitments to using a minimum of 80% seasonal fruit and vegetables and creating dynamic plant-forward menus with carbon labelling, Recipe for Change will be used as a powerful information tool for venue partners and the hospitality industry as a whole.

As Net Zero Lead, Watson will seek to execute the best practices and lessons learned from COP26 at other Levy UK+I events and venues. The conference’s food strategy set a clear example to the world as to how to promote sustainability whilst providing a low-carbon, diverse and delicious menu, and Kevin’s experiences will help him oversee the progress made towards delivering on key climate pledges.

Watson commented, “I am thrilled to have been appointed Net Zero Lead and am looking forward to building upon the lessons and successes of the COP26 food strategy, which focused on creating local and seasonal menus to drive low carbon offerings. The next logical step is to ensure that this is emulated across our business and the wider industry.

'While we’re all working towards a shared goal, we understand that the achievement of this will look different at every venue from an operational perspective. As Net Zero Lead, I am collaborating with each of our venue partners to create tailored, individualised sustainability plans to ensure that everyone can take ownership for the delivery of environmental commitments.”

Jon Davies, Managing Director, Levy UK + I, added, “As our Net Zero Lead, Kevin will continue to be a key driver of meaningful change by setting and delivering on an ambitious sustainability agenda that safeguards the future of the planet and the industry.

'Kevin will build upon his outstanding work last year at COP26 by implementing the bottom-up changes that are required to achieve an industry-wide sustainability revolution, and I have every confidence that he will achieve excellent results through his work with our venue partners and clients across the UK.”