Roketsu launches in London W1

Authentic Japanese Kaiseki restauran, Roketsu has launched its debut site in London with celebrated Chef Daisuke Hayashi at the helm.

Hayashi is one of the only masters of the Kaiseki tradition globally, and the first to bring this spectacular and lesser-known form of Japanese dining to London.

Kaiseki dining, originally a traditional meal served to Buddhist monks at tea ceremonies, is a ten-course set menu centred around dashi (Japanese stock) and is guided by the flavours of seasonal ingredients.

Offering one of the most exclusive dining experiences across London, the restaurant is made up of just 10 seats at the counter with a maximum of 16 diners per night.

Guests can expect to be taken on a journey through unique and innovative dishes which each draw from Japanese tradition yet incorporate Western techniques. The menus will change monthly, intimately following the seasons, and are priced at £190 per person. The meal is three hours long from start to finish.

Daisuke Hayashi trained at the triple Michelin starred and world renowned Kaiseki restaurant Kikunoi in Kyoto from the age of eighteen as a protégé of the owner and chef Yoshihiro Murata. Today Daisuke is at the forefront of the next generation of Japanese chefs applying a modern, progressive approach to Japanese food.

Example winter menu:
Sakizuke - Sekihan-mushi, chervil root, red mullet, yuba, bekko-an
Hassun - Kuromame, kazunoko, tazukuri, tataki-gobo, ogawa-karasumi, kohaku-namasu, ume-ninjin, ume-kabura, smoked salmon tsubaki-zushi
Mukozuke - Cornish ikejime seabass, lobster - Toro, yuzu kimi-jyoyu, Japanese mustard-Futamono- Parsnip, quail, truffle-an
Yakimono -House smoked chalk stream trout, horseradish miso, walnut
Nakachoku - Black Chalk Dancer in Pink granité
Sunomono-Cornish crab, pear, air dried onion, carrot, fennel, yuzu, dill
Shiizakana - Barbary duck kamo-nabe, leek
Gohan - Ikura gohan, turnip soup, pickles
Mizumono - Matsukaze, Kyobancha ice cream

Drinks have been put together by sommelier Ryosuke Mashio who prior to Roketsu spent 13 years as head sommelier at Michelin starred Umu in London where he played a very important role in creating and maintaining the award-winning wine list. Over 70 sakes are available by the bottle including two sakes imported exclusively for the restaurant – Kikunoi and Echigoryu as well as over 20 available by the glass. In addition, Ryosuke can advise on the menu of 350 different wines on site ranging from classic to rare and sought-after names.

Sake and wine pairing is on offer at £95, Prestige sake and wine paring at £200, and non-alcoholic pairing at £75 to fully enjoy the drinks range in the restaurant.
Roketsu offers a place to discover or rediscover the excellence of sake and wine through a unique dining experience.

Kenichi Kakuta is the restaurant manager who’s C.V. spans diverse experience in the industry. Kenichi previously worked for the renowned Hakkasan restaurant group including overseeing the Chrysan and Sake no Hana openings. He has also consulted for several high profile restaurant openings such as Kouzu, Japan House London, Tokimeite and Cube Mayfair.

The pared back and streamlined interior at Roketsu has been made in Kyoto and shipped to London, and assembled by the craftsmen from Nakamura Sotoji Komuten*, one of the world's leading experts in the Sukiya style architecture using Japanese hinoki wood, preserved for over 100 years in Kyoto.

An additional downstairs private dining room seating six people will open in March.