Three new street food eateries to open at Boxpark sites

This spring, Boxpark will welcome three new and exciting street food restaurants across its London venues including Pasta Evangelist, Viva Falafel and Waffle Boy.

Pasta Evangelists (pictured) at Boxpark Shoreditch (Unit 48)
Opening on 4 April, Pasta Evangelists are coming to Shoreditch to delight East Londoners with its fresh, artisan pasta concept.

Specialising in using the finest, seasonal Mediterranean ingredients, above all else Pasta Evangelists want customers to be spirited away to Italy: to discover little known regional specialities from across Italy’s twenty regions, like Sicily's pistachio pesto or ragù al cinghiale (wild boar ragù) from Tuscany's rolling hills.

From Pistachio Pesto to Beef & Barolo Ragù, expect to discover a mix of Italy’s most popular pasta delicacies as well as modern tweaks on classics, like Black Truffle Mac & Cheese and cult favourite “Carbonara of Dreams. Fresh antipasti will also be on offer, including Neapolitan-style Melanzane alla Parmigiana and Burrata Pugliese.

Following the departure of La Nonna last year, BOXPARK Shoreditch has been searching for a replacement to satisfy pasta lovers in London, and Pasta Evangelists are the perfect option for irresistible ‘pasta fresca’.

Viva Falafel at Boxpark Wembley (Unit 1)
With a popular street food stall located on the corner of Wells Street and Oxford Street, Viva Falafel are heading to BOXPARK Wembley this April, offering freshly-made falafel and other delicious Middle Eastern dishes.

Opening on 1 April, Viva Falafel’s menu features two types of serve; ‘in a pitta’ or ‘in a plate’ with its hand-made falafel being the signature product, served in a traditional khobez flatbread with a choice of salad. Expect home-made hummus, tahini, fresh vegetables or go for the battered crispy chicken fillet nestled in a warm pita pocket.

Waffle Boy at Boxpark Croydon, Unit 7
The American-style waffle house Waffle Boy is coming to Croydon this month, offering a selection of sweet and savoury options including its signature ‘Bubbledog’ - set to be a favourite amongst waffle lovers. The Bubbledog is a fresh-pressed bubble waffle filled with hot dog chipolata sausages and other savoury assortments and toppings.

For a savoury snack, the menu features four ‘Waffle Dogs’ including the ‘Beef Dog’, the ‘Chicken Dog’, the ‘Vegan Dog’ and the ‘Bannoffle Dog’. Alongside this is a choice of Chick ‘n’ Waffles such as Classic Fried Chicken ‘n’ Waffles, Korean Chicken ‘n’ Waffles, and Honey Chicken ‘n’ Waffles.

Alternatively for a sweet dessert, Waffle Boy boasts a wide range of classic and innovative combinations such as ‘Caramel Apple Crumble’, ‘The Cinnabomb’ and ‘The Lemoncella’.