BaxterStorey’s Head of Pastry creates unique Jubilee dessert

Hannah Robinson, Head Pastry Chef for leading hospitality provider BaxterStorey, has been getting into the spirit of the upcoming Jubilee by creating a unique themed dessert inspired by the British classic, the Victoria-Sponge.

With a regal influence, Hannah’s quintessentially British sweet skilfully combines Earl Grey, luxurious white chocolate, and gold leaf with the more traditional flavours of the much-loved Victoria sponge - wild strawberry and vanilla to create an intricate and elaborate dessert fit for a Queen.

Serving up creativity to large numbers for a global investment bank, Hannah heads up an expanding team of talented pastry chefs developing food menus for fine dining experiences as well as creating and delivering bespoke themed pop-ups for St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and more.

As far back as she can remember Hannah has had a passion for food and cooking. Realising her love for pastry whilst at college, Hannah is driven by the challenge and imagination, precision and dedication needed to create some of the spectacular dishes she produces.

Joining BaxterStorey as a professional Patisserie, she has excelled in her career now heading up a growing team and developing the pastry-based offerings throughout the company.

Describing her Jubilee inspired dessert, Hannah explained. “my inspiration came from taking the humble slice of cake and a cuppa tea, which everyone loves, and turning it into something that could be served in Buckingham Palace. The simple ingredients which make up a Victoria sponge are such great flavour profiles to elevate.”

She added, “everyone has a great connection to this classic cake and whether it’s a celebration, a reunion, your first-time baking, a comfort, or a wedding - a cake is always a feature. In honour of Queen Elizabeth II, I've taken the much-loved Victoria Sponge and created a fine dining dessert.”