Norse Catering runs school meal tasting sessions for parents to boost uptake

School meals supplier for Norfolk and Suffolk, Norse Catering invited the children’s parents to taste school meals in a bid to increase school meal uptake.

From the pop-up menu tasting sessions, 90% of parents said they are now more likely to choose school meals for their children.

The positive feedback included:

“The food is locally sourced and much of it homemade”
“The Mediterranean chicken & rice was lovely and so was the brownie”
“Being able to have a taster reassures me on what sort of food my child will have”
“The hidden veg in the dessert was a great idea. Hot food tastes lovely and homemade”
“Food all very nice, the children are very lucky”
“Very good food and my children love it”

A spokesperson for Norse Catering commented, “Good food is essential to children’s health and our menus can help fuel them for learning this September.”