BBPA says December decimated for pubs by more rails strikes

Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association has responded to news of further rail strikes across the Christmas period.

Emma McClarkin commented, “The week of the strikes is usually the busiest of the year for our industry, but instead of being able to trade normally for the first time in three years, pubs in towns and cities across the UK are now seeing swathes of people rearranging Christmas parties and cancelling bookings.'

Emma (pictured) said that the news of further strikes from Christmas Eve at 6pm has only added to an already dire situation for the pub sector.

She continued, “These were bookings our pubs desperately need, COVID was unbelievably tough but what we’re facing now with spiralling costs and people watching more and more what they’re spending is hitting businesses even harder.

'Pubs really need this Christmas trade to see them through the quieter months that follow, especially after two years of restrictions, but now it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see how many will make it through until Spring because December trade is being decimated.

'People aren’t confident they’ll be able to travel next week and so it’s almost too late now to save the festive season from ruin for pubs,” Emma closed.