Pizza Pilgrims to launch sweet kiosk this month

Pizza Pilgrims is set to launch Nutella Ring Pizza Cafe kiosk outside of its Kingly Court pizzeria in the heart of Carnaby, London on 30 January.

The kiosk will serve a carefully curated menu of Italian desserts, coffee, and appetisers from morning 'til evening, seven days a week, with the aim of bringing Neapolitan cafe culture into the heart of London’s West End.

During morning service, à la Naples, guests can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of espresso for just £1. Those with a sweet-tooth can opt for nocciolatte - a shot of espresso with a spoon of Nutella stirred in - for £2. In the afternoon, the kiosk menu will feature Nutella pizza rings filled with a choice of chocolate bar.

Confectionery options to fill the rings include Mars, Bounty, and Kinder Bueno bars, Reese’s Cups, or classic Nutella spread. The Nutella pizza rings are priced at £6.95 and guests can add ice cream for an additional £1.50 or buy any three pizza rings for £19.

In the evening, the Kingly kiosk will transform into a takeaway bar, serving a selection of drinks including Aperol Spritz, Ferrero Rocher Espresso Martini and Camden Town Brewery beers.

The kiosk will open with morning service commencing from 9am each day. The takeaway bar will be open until 9pm Monday to Thursday, 10pm Friday to Saturday, and 6pm on Sundays.