SBPA urges next First Minister to throw out ludicrous advertising proposals

The leading trade association representing pubs and brewers are urging the next First Minister to ‘throw-out’ the proposals on alcohol advertising.

Both leading candidates to be the next SNP leader and First Minister, Humza Yousaf and Kate Forbes have highlighted concerns regarding the proposed measures which would destroy the Scottish brewing and distilling industry, and would have widespread negative ramifications for tourism, sport, events, and the economy.

Emma McClarkin OBE, Scottish Beer & Pub Association's CEO, gave her views, “This poorly conceived consultation was entirely unbalanced, at odds with wider Government goals and policies, and refused to acknowledge the economic, social, historic, and cultural importance of the brewing, distilling and hospitality sector.

“If enacted, the proposals would have a catastrophic impact not just for Scottish producers, but for so many other vital sectors that are engines of economic growth.

'This would include our tourism industry as well as sports clubs and associations, from professional to grassroots community level. Our cultural sector, theatres and cinemas would also come under additional pressure as well as public transport providers.

“It is encouraging to hear the SNP leadership candidates have some understanding of this potential damage and are committed to a rethink.'

Emma finished, 'The beer and pub sector remain steadfast in their commitment to responsible consumption and reducing health harms, but we strongly urge the new First Minister, once elected, to quickly throw-out these ludicrous proposals and instead look to targeted interventions and partnership working with key stakeholders.”

(image: @EmmaMcClarkin)