LACA announces themes for 2023 National School Meals Week

LACA has announced that National School Meals Week (NSMW) will take place from 6-10 November where it aims to highlight the pressure on the school meals industry and recognise the issues caterers are dealing with on a daily basis.

NSMW will focus on the rising food costs, staff shortages, the budgetary constraints on investment, local pressures around targeting free school meals and adhering to the needs of Local Government. LACA plan to use NSMW 2023 to focus on some of the important issues that members face and use it to influence stakeholders.

On Monday the LACA chair will set out the theme for the week and continue the call for increased funding around school food, the need for free school meals for all and the importance of building a sustainable service.

Between Tuesday and Thursday LACA will focus on three important issues including free school meals & funding, recruitment and food on the plate. NSMW needs to be as relevant in Wales as it is in England, so the messaging can be changed to support that.

NSMW will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year so LACA will use the party as a reason to invite local MPs to visit schools and hear directly what the pressures caterers are experiencing but also take time out to thank staff and enjoy a celebratory meal.

A spokesperson for LACA, said, “NSMW’s 30th Anniversary is a real landmark for LACA, who are keen to highlight some of the successful campaigns and achievements over that period. We also want members to share their memories, for example, when did you start to get involved with NSMW.

“Who remembers Dino, when Colin Jackson supported NSMW, a school trip to Euro Disney, the first school lunch served and the House of Commons not forgetting the ones served at the top of Snowdon. Then there was the 70th Birthday cake made for King (Prince at the time) Charles, and of course the recent tours of the country.”