The Inn Collection Group to reopen The Tynemouth Castle Inn

The multi-million-pound refurbishment of a Tynemouth hotel is entering its final phase, seeing The Inn Collection Group preparing to open The Tynemouth Castle Inn this autumn.

A feature of the town’s Grand Parade for more than 80 years overlooking Longsands, the hotel is set to embark on an exciting new chapter following a near 14-month programme of works.

The changes to the venue are immediately apparent from the outside, with new rendering giving it a brilliant white appearance and new signage and window fittings embracing its art deco style.

Its newly constructed extensions are also fully in place, with additional bedrooms, a new fish and chip shop, Oswin’s, and ice cream parlour Cones noticeably increasing the footprint of the venue.

These are in place of the old ballroom extension that occupied that part of the site and has been demolished as part of the renovations.

Upon entry from a newly created outdoor terrace to the front, that will allow guests to enjoy panoramic views of the shoreline below, the new bar is found directly ahead.

Laid out in an arrowhead configuration, it stretches back through the new seating areas and is more than ample to satisfy demand of the inn.

Once reopened, The Tynemouth Castle Inn is set to be a popular feature with the company’s eat, drink, sleep and explore ethos seeing the new hotel open all day every day.