British Nutrition Foundation support Tesco with new report ‘Little Helps For Healthier Diets – making affordable, healthy diets accessible to all.

Tesco has today published a new report on progress against its healthy diets strategy, developed in partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation. The report outlines the steps Tesco is taking to ensure shoppers can choose healthy sustainable and affordable food.

The British Nutrition Foundation is committed to pursuing wider access to healthier and more sustainable diets. We work in partnership with organisations that can deliver meaningful change, at pace and at scale.

The British Nutrition Foundation will further partner with Tesco with a series of regional consultations - bringing together key stakeholders across the food landscape, including local food partnerships, public health directors, community groups, academics and Tesco colleagues. These consultations will help build consensus on what effective, long-term support looks like in making affordable, healthy and sustainable food attainable for all.

Commenting on the report launch and findings, Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive, British Nutrition Foundation, said, “As a small non-profit, we value our collaboration with industry as it gives us the opportunity to work together, and improve healthier options for the general public to choose from. We are proud to be a contributor in Tesco’s initiative that aims to improve the UK’s food environment. We are excited to see change that can help close the current health inequalities gap in the society.”

Ashwin Prasad, Tesco Group Chief Product Officer added, “The UK has record levels of obesity which is having a huge impact on the NHS and our wider economy, as well as jeopardising the long-term health and prospects of the next generation. At Tesco we have seen what’s possible when we create the conditions and incentives to help people to fill their baskets with products that are healthier and more sustainable, but still affordable. I’m encouraged by the progress so far and look froward to even greater collaboration with our suppliers and partners as we work towards our 2025 goal.’