First-of-its-kind Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Calculator and Toolkit launches for Brewing and Hospitality

Zero Carbon Forum has launched a first-of-its-kind Corporate Carbon Calculator and Toolkit designed specifically for brewing and hospitality organisations with large estates, chains and franchises.

Already rolled out by Greene King Pub Partners, the leased, tenanted and franchise business unit of Greene King, to help their pub operators become more sustainable, the new, unique tool will help large operators with multiple sites, such as pubs, restaurants or hotels to understand and calculate their carbon footprint. An evolution of the forum’s original carbon calculator, it will identify key actions and practical ways to reduce emissions, whilst improving profitability and business resilience.

The new corporate version of the Carbon Calculator and Toolkit has been developed using the forum’s current model, launched in 2022 in collaboration with The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII), UKHospitality and Sky. Developed from Zero Carbon Forum’s Net Zero Roadmap findings, learnings from all forum members and insight from carbon experts, the original Carbon Calculator has been implemented by 500+ independent pubs, hotels and restaurants, completing carbon footprints for 5,976 sites, and totalling 1.7m tonnes of measured CO2.

The new, scaled up Corporate Carbon Calculator and Toolkit provides three additional features, designed specifically for larger operators to have clear visibility of their supply chain carbon data in Scope 2 for franchisees and Scope 3 for tenants and lessees. Scope 3, which involves reducing emissions within the food and drink supply chain, contains the largest proportion of CO2 emissions, posing the biggest challenge for the industry.

Using the calculator, operators can now review and measure the carbon data of their supply chain, both site-by-site and as an aggregate. Operators can instantly see which sites are actively using the calculator across their estate, identify any areas that still need to implement the tool, and highlight carbon reduction milestones for operators. Users onsite will receive a personalised Toolkit with targeted actions to reduce emissions and that align with the corporate sustainability plans of their business.

Dan Robinson, MD of Greene King Pub Partners commented on the new tool: “Greene King Pub Partners is supporting its tenants, lessees and franchisees with access to the Zero Carbon Forum’s Carbon Calculator, which they can now use to calculate their carbon footprint and identify changes they can make to their businesses that contribute to environmental sustainability whilst also growing profitability.”

Mark Chapman, founder and CEO at Zero Carbon Forum said: “This new, enhanced Corporate Calculator and Toolkit has been designed directly in response to the demand from our larger forum members for the capability to quickly and easily measure, plan and reduce emissions across their estates and supply chains in Scope 2 and 3.

“It’s a game-changing footprinting tool that provides clear and concise guidance and a user-friendly interface to measure emissions and engage site operators in swift, credible climate action. The tool’s ease of design and accessibility is imperative to engage teams on the ground to proactively make the critical difference needed to reach net zero at pace.”