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BBPA launches guidance pack for licensees over festive period

The BBPA has today distributed a collection of guidance and advice, aimed at pubs over the festive season.

The guidance pack features advice on application dates for Christmas and New Year TENs to extend hours, managing safety in premises, preventing drink driving, stock control tips and managing winter health and safety concerns.

While of course most licensees will be fully prepared for the festive period, the guidance pack is intended to help pubs with some of the various challenges that may arise, in order to keep pubs safe and enjoyable for all.

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simonds commented, “The BBPA’s festive season briefing will help pubs across the UK ensure they are able to make the most out of a crucial time of year for the trade.

'The vast majority of licensees will already be on top of many of these issues, but hopefully this briefing will be useful in addressing the challenges the festive period presents and help maximise the opportunities for the pub sector.”