Kiln collaborates to transform into standing-room-only Larb Bar

On the 26 March, Kiln will team up with P.Franco and Som Saa to transform into a standing-room-only Larb Bar for one night only.

Kiln will be stripping out the bar stools and postering over the windows to create a bustling, market-style atmosphere inside, for an evening devoted to the regional Thai favourite. Larb, traditionally made with chopped meat or fish, can be an earthy and sour specialty from Eastern Thailand, or a rich and aromatic dish hailing from the northern borderlands.

In the open kitchen, Kiln founder Ben Chapman and head chef Nick Molyviatis will be joined by Som Saa co-founder Andy Oliver. For £45 a head, guests are required to flag down a chef to order their next dish, from a varied line-up of larbs including: Northern Style Duck & Offal Raw Beef Laab; Fried Laab Cakes; Game; Blood; and Isaan Style Chopped Sand Sole.

Larb’s many forms - and often unashamed spiciness - presents a hefty challenge to Phil Bracey from P.Franco, who will be selecting and pouring from an all-killer bottle list.

Bracey said, “While our love for natural wines may be obvious, our love for Thai food also runs deep. The spice, the freshness, the intensity and the layered flavours really appeal to us, and we’re excited to try and match these two loves.

'Part of the excitement is that these wines will be drunk in a convivial setting that allows people to discuss what they’re drinking, mirrored in Kiln’s own approach to food.”

Chapman added, “I love the informal nature but incredible quality of what the team at P.Franco in Clapton are doing, and I wanted to bring some of the same vibe to lesser-known, simple Thai dishes,”

“I’m looking forward to the fun of inviting some friends into the kitchen, and hosting what is essentially a one-dish lock-in. We’re hopeful that the evening will be the first of many Larb Bar nights.”