BRC says its time for trade deal that puts consumers first

Helen Dickinson OBE, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), has made comment.

Dickinson (pictured) said, “Even though the UK is leaving the EU, consumers can rest assured that they will still find the same products at the same great prices, both online and in stores, throughout the 2020 transition period.

'What happens after will depend on the numerous trade negotiations that the UK will now be engaging in, and we look forward to the opportunities that new trade deals may have for consumers around the world.

“Most important among all the Government’s negotiations is the need for a comprehensive trade deal with the European Union. We need a UK-EU deal which puts consumers first: one that continues zero-tariff trade and minimises any new barriers to trade.

'Without these, it will be the public who will face higher costs and reduced choice on the shelves.'

Dickinson concluded, 'A pragmatic approach is essential if we are to ensure the NI protocol is workable from next January, without damaging trade between Northern Ireland and it’s neighbours to the East and South.'