Nandos reopens seven kitchens to help feed NHS workers

Nando's has reopened the kitchens in seven of its restaurants to help feed NHS workers.

The casual dining chain said the city centre restaurants have now reopened, after it has to shut all its sites in the face of the pandemic last month.

Four restaurants in London, two in Manchester and one in Dublin are firing up their grills again to make meals for NHS workers and local charities.

The business will provide up to 1,700 free meals each day for NHS staff, key workers at local hospitals and charities.

The seven restaurants will operate behind closed doors, with meals dropped off at hospitals every evening between 6pm and 9pm. The restaurants will each look to cook up to 250 meals a shift before delivering them.

Nado's said that each restaurant will work under strict health and safety measures while maintaining social distancing.

Before closing operations, Nando’s donated 20,000 free meals to NHS workers and has offered a 20% discount to NHS workers for the past 20 years.