Fullers supports Hospitality Apprenticeships Week

Hospitality Apprenticeships Week is taking place from 18 to 22 October to bring the industry together and showcase the positive differences that apprenticeships can make to individuals while promoting the sector as a viable and exciting career route.

Fuller's are renowned for the award-winning training and development programs on offer and this upcoming week is a chance to share stories from our current apprentices and alumni, as well as talk about future opportunities.

There will be a different theme each day throughout the week, showcasing the variety of hospitality apprenticeships and the different choices in career pathways. Themes include busting apprenticeship myths, chef job roles, front of house opportunities, supervisors and management and being part of our team.

The hospitality industry has had a challenging 18 months and we are finally starting to get back on the road to recovery. Whilst the pandemic showed some vulnerabilities within the sector, it also highlighted how resilient and committed we are during times of crisis by coming together to support our communities.

As far as talent goes, Fuller's is currently in a perfect storm - feeling the impact of Brexit, the pandemic and furlough. However, this creates an exciting opportunity for apprenticeships to shape the future of the industry.

Coupled with this, the Government’s Tourism Sector Deal will support the creation of an additional 10,000 apprenticeships for people building careers in the tourism and hospitality sectors. This highlights the essential role apprenticeships will play in the short and long-term future of hospitality.

A significant number of people aged 24 and over are on an apprenticeship scheme in hospitality, with fewer from the 16-18 age group.Fuller's hopes to highlight the vast career opportunities for younger generations and make waves to not only reduce the skills gap but also build a strong and dynamic workforce.

Throughout the week, we’ll be showcasing Fuller’s as a business that develops individuals by giving the best education as well as share information on our award-winning chef apprenticeships. These include the Commis Apprenticeship (Level 2), Chef de Partie Apprenticeship (Level 3) and the Fuller’s Chefs’ Guild Scholarship.

We will also share information on our new front of house and management trainee programmes, which include the Management Trainee Programme Apprenticeship (MTPa level 4), Accelerating Leadership Apprenticeship Programme (Level 3) and LEAP (Level 5).