Sainsbury’s study finds 4 in 10 Brits don’t get their five a day

More than 25 million British adults aren’t getting enough fruit and veg in their diet, according to a study released today. New data reveals that the average Brit consumes 3.25 portions of fruit and veg a day – just 65% of the five-a-day target.

The research, commissioned by Sainsbury’s and Nectar, has revealed that the average adult doesn’t eat their first piece of fruit or veg until 1.58pm.

Meanwhile, 27% don’t have any until dinnertime and less than one in 10 (9%) say they consider fruit and veg at breakfast. When questioned why, 1 in 4 (25%) said they forget about it, whilst 13% don’t know how to incorporate it within meals outside of dinner.

To inspire Brits to eat more fruit and veg and try new recipes, Sainsbury’s and Nectar have created the Vegfast Van. Touring the UK this week, lucky passersby can enjoy a selection of breakfast items totally for free – all whilst contributing towards their five-a-day.

For those who can’t make it to the Vegfast Van, there’s still good news. Sainsbury’s is offering customers up to 750 bonus Nectar points this summer when they take part in the ‘Great fruit & veg challenge’. Running now until 2nd September, customers must simply download the Nectar app and sign up to take part.

Now in its third year, almost 1 million customers have previously taken part, with a whopping 106 million portions of fruit and veg purchased during the challenge.

Whilst UK adults might not be eating enough fruit and veg, it seems parents are much more fastidious when it comes to their children. 42% say they feed their child fruit or veg at breakfast time, with 74% saying their child usually eats the recommended daily amount for their age group.

Despite the good news, nearly half (47%) say this reduces during the school summer holidays when routines go out the window. To help, the Great fruit & veg challenge is running throughout the entire school summer holidays this year – longer than ever before.

Meanwhile, whilst one in five (20%) say their child doesn’t eat the recommended daily target, more than a third (37%) try to feed them but say they’re fussy eaters, one in five (20%) attempt to but say their child gets bored, and a further 18% say they try to feed them this amount, but their child doesn’t like the taste.

Sam Burston, Director of Nectar & Loyalty at Sainsbury’s, said, ““When you’re doing the food shop week-in, week-out, it can be challenging to think of new recipes and to feel inspired to try something different – particularly during the school summer holidays when routines can go out the window.

'That’s why we are bringing back the Great fruit & veg challenge and looking to inspire our customers to try something different through the Vegfast Van - showing them how easy it can be to pack their breakfast full of fruit and veg while getting more out of their Nectar points balance.

'We want to support our customers to eat delicious food that is good for them and the planet, and the return of the Great fruit & veg challenge is just one of the many ways we’re helping everyone eat better.”