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PEP Kitchen expands vegan offering

Having launched nationwide delivery earlier in the year, PEP Kitchen that creates unique street food inspired vegan frozen ready meals, the brand has a series of new announcements.

The entrepreneurial team of two behind the brand, Joe Coulter and Ben MacAndrews, are now entering their third quarter of trading.

The first, a selection of two person dishes to add to the seven strong range of single serve meals. These bigger versions of some of PEP’s most popular classics have been created because quick and convenient food isn’t always something enjoyed solo, and to give the home cooks a bit more creative license in the kitchen. PEP’s ‘for two’ dishes provide great value per head combined with simple easy to cook sides at home.

Offering two person portions of ready cooked rice, an impressive meal for two (or more) is as easy as a few clicks of a button and ready to eat in as little as ten minutes.

Secondly, on recognising that for some a lack the confidence to cook from scratch might not mean a lack of desire to get into the kitchen, PEP have introduced a new meal kit concept.

The first to launch, with more in the pipeline, PEP’s Vegan Curry Feast with DIY Roti Kit combines three delicious curries, ready to simply heat and eat, while individuals can get stuck in by trying their hand at making the accompanying, delicious and surprisingly easy Roti’s.

Kits come with the frozen microwavable curries, rice portioned and ready to cook, ingredients and instructions on how to make the roti breads and a jar of Geeta’s Mango and Chilli Chutney; the perfect compliment to the meal.

The chutney included within the feasting box also marks a third new expansion for the PEP team. Having upgraded the website, allowing for a more user-friendly experience and greater flexibility in ordering options they have now incorporated a selection of carefully curated extras, available via the web shop, chosen to perfectly compliment the range of meals created by PEP.

Eventually the PEP team hope is this will mean ordering from the website can be a real one stop shop for delicious and convenient vegan products. They are currently offering condiments from Geeta’s and Happy Eating House, as well as some store cupboard staples like rice, but the team hope to grow this selection over time with the edition of more likeminded brands.

It is an exciting time for PEP Kitchen with all of the above changes created with the aim of strengthening the founding values of the business; to build a sustainable food business, inspiring people to eat more plant based food, that is good for people’s health and the environment with no compromise on a great tasting products.

Coulter said, “Having launched PEP just as COVID hit the UK we might not have made life easy for ourselves, but we are determined to make it work! The concept of PEP Kitchen is one we believe in deeply and we’ve been listening to feedback to ensure our offer is the best it can be and fits our consumers’ needs and wants.”

MacAndrews added, 'We want to encourage more people to give vegan food and eating a go and hope that by curating a selection of delicious options, all available in one place within a few clicks, people will be encouraged to try PEP in a way that suits them, their family and their lifestyle.”