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Coffee group Grind achieves ethical B Corp status

Grind, a coffee brand, joins the increasing ranks of hospitality businesses attaining B Corp status.

After initially applying two years ago, the business, which operates 14 sites in London along with a retail arm, has now achieved the accreditation.

Established in 2006, B Corp was founded with the objective of encouraging individuals to leverage their businesses as a positive force for societal good.

The network has expanded to include 8,000 companies globally, all of which undergo independent audits to assess their ethical standards and dedication to benefiting shareholders, employees, customers, and the environment.

In the UK, there are slightly over 2,500 B Corp businesses, which include restaurant groups like Pizza Pilgrims and Blacklock, mead producer Gosnells, as well as caterers Lettice Events and Houston and Hawkes.

Grind's sustainability initiatives encompass various measures, such as offering compostable coffee pods, using recyclable packaging, and actively supporting ocean cleanup projects. Through its charity, the Better Coffee Foundation, Grind strives to mitigate the environmental impact generated by the global coffee industry.

David Abrahamovitch, founder and chief executive of Grind, said: 'Since Grind started serving coffee back in 2011, we've grown, changed and evolved significantly, with sustainability always at the heart of what we do. We've always strived to do things the right way, even when it isn't the easy way.

'We originally applied for the B Corp certification two years ago, but our rapid growth meant evaluating every area took time. Finally achieving certification is worthy of celebration.'

B Corp certified companies must undergo recertification every three years to maintain their status.

Craft brewer and bar group BrewDog obtained B Corp certification in 2021 but withdrew from the program less than two years later.