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Aldi to upgrade 100 Stores in 2024

Aldi plans to refurbish over 30 UK stores this summer, investing £90 million throughout 2024.

Over 100 stores across the UK, from Crewe to Cardiff and Didcot to Dumfries, will receive varying levels of upgrades in the coming year.

Improvements will include creating more space and incorporating sustainable features, such as energy-efficient technology. This involves installing doors on fridges to reduce energy usage and using natural refrigerants to minimize carbon impact.

The work was scheduled to take place between June and August, with certain stores, such as Leek Newport and Brierly Hill, set to undergo the most significant changes.

Aldi UK managing director national real estate Jonathan Neale said: “Aldi attracted more new customers than any other grocery retailer in the last 12 months, and we want to continue to offer the best possible in-store experience for our shoppers.

“We’re committed to making sure that the shopping experience is on a par with the high-quality products and service we offer. Finding ways to reduce any environmental impact as we continue to grow our store estate across the country is also a vital part of these changes.”