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Lumina Intelligence has released the Wholesale Online Report 2023, revealing key insights into the digital landscape for wholesalers and suppliers.

The report indicates that the majority of online sessions are purely browsing, with 4 in 5 online users not adding anything to their baskets. This highlights an opportunity for disrupting the digital journey through push notifications and personalised ads.

The report also found that retailers are more likely to browse using websites, while using apps to add items to their baskets. This presents an opportunity for targeting and engaging with retailers through app-exclusive promotions.

Retailers were also found to spend more time browsing than foodservice operators, presenting a greater opportunity to engage with these customers.

Push notifications and personalised ads were identified as effective tools for disrupting the shopper journey, while calls to action were found to be most effective later in the day for foodservice operators. Sunday was also revealed as the day with the most activity for desktop and mobile, with add-to-basket rates peaking on this day.

The report suggests that a device-specific strategy for app and website purchases is necessary, with homepage banner adverts being more successful on apps, while mid-page units can drive more conversions on websites. Wholesalers also have an untapped opportunity to 'open' apps and websites to prospects, as the access of digital platforms is currently restricted to non-customers.

WhatsApp Business was identified as a low-cost alternative to print, providing an opportunity for digitalising brochures, promotions, category advice, and new products. The platform was found to be effective for engaging with customers at peak service times.

The report concludes that personalisation is a benefit of the digital channel that can be exacerbated by wholesalers and suppliers.

Engaging with customers at the right time will be crucial for influencing impulsivity and purchase decisions. With these insights, wholesalers and suppliers can shape their digital marketing and ad placement to succeed in the highly competitive digital landscape.

(source: https://www.lumina-intelligence.com/, image: pexels)