Caravan announces dining by candle light for Earth Hour

Sustainability has been at the forefront of everyone’s’ minds in 2018, but what more are restaurants doing other than cutting out plastic straws?

London all-day dining restaurant chain, Caravan has implemented a number of changes throughout its four sites. And on Saturday 24 March, Caravan will be taking part in the worldwide movement Earth Hour, to showcase what can be done.

Switching off the lights across all four of their sites and hosting an hour of candlelit dining. Diners will receive a complementary dish of Cauliflower Stalk Kimchi (pictured), showcasing part of Caravan’s ongoing drive to make use of ingredient leftovers that will otherwise have been thrown away, as the restaurants aims to reach zero waste and promote sustainable thinking.

A key recent success has been the reduced impact of takeaway at Caravan by encouraging reuse with a 50p discount to coffee customers with reusable cups and of course, only serving biodegradable straws upon request. Those who do need a takeaway cup will be served in one which is 100% compostable.