Co-op predicts Prosecco as top choice for Valentine’s Day with gin rising

Central England Co-op is predicting Prosecco will again be the number one option for couples this Valentine’s Day with shoppers making it the highest selling sparkling wine for the last four years.

However, the retailer’s research suggests that Prosecco drinkers are steadily moving over to gin as the popularity of the spirit continues to soar.

Data from Central England Co-op showed that Valentine’s Day 2018 saw a 7% increase in customers choosing Prosecco compared to 2017, continuing an upward trend from previous years.

While Valentine’s Day was midweek in 2018, sales of Prosecco still peaked on the actual day itself, with an average increase of 40% more being sold on Valentine’s Day than the days before.

The two top-selling alcoholic products in Central England Co-op Food Stores during the period were both Prosecco – with the award-winning Co-op Irresistible Prosecco the top-seller.

However, the increasing popularity of gin may see customers choose to grab a bottle of their favourite tipple on Valentine’s Day rather than the traditional sparkling wine, as new flavours and cocktails garner the attention of more consumers.

Gin sales at Central England Co-op in the Valentine’s Day period grew 23% from 2017 to 2018; however this may be more to the general customer trend for gin and not due to Valentine’s Day demand.

Sales of gin have increased steadily year on year recently – 17% from 2016 to 2017 and 32% from 2017 to 2018.

Nicole Bird, Category Manager at Central England Co-op, said, “Part of this increase in gin sales can undoubtedly be put down to the growing popularity of gin among consumers, but it may also be due to the increased range offered by Central England Co-op, in response to that demand.

“We are now sourcing new brands and flavours to cater for the younger generation of gin drinkers and expanding our range all the time, including great local gins that are being developed at distilleries throughout the UK.

“Our insight is telling us that Prosecco drinkers are steadily moving over to gin and we are also seeing growth in our pre-mixed ‘ready to go’ range of gins which are perfect for one-off events such as Valentine’s Day.”

This Valentine’s Day the retailer will also be offering a special deal on Gordon’s Pink Gin (70cl) for those gin enthusiasts wanting something a bit special for the big day.