Tesco finds World Cup fans swap burgers & sausages for Xmas party food

World Cup fans are swapping traditional burgers and sausages for tempura prawns and other Christmas party food to snack on during the 4 week tournament.

Tesco is already seeing an earlier than usual high demand for its festive party food treats as a result of the tournament taking place in winter and not the usual summer.

The top five party food lines for the World Cup, based on early demand are:
Pigs In Blankets
Tempura prawns
Frozen Mozzarella Sticks
Chilled Mini Duck Spring Rolls
Chilled Cheese and Bacon Loaded Skins

Other predicted World Cup food and drink sales across the whole tournament include:
Christmas party food – More than 13 million packs
Nearly 8 million pizzas
Nearly 3.5 million pies
Nearly 2 million packs of peanuts
5 million bottles/cans/packs of beer
More than 16 million bottles of wine
8 million bottles of fizz
22 million packs of crisps

Tesco party food buyer Natalie Linden said, “In the past with World Cups taking place in June and July it’s always been BBQ favourites such as burgers and sausages that top football fans’ shopping lists. 

“But with this tournament being nearer Christmas for the first time ever, it’s pigs in blankets and tempura prawns that are going to be the new hero foods.”