Barrie brothers plan to relaunch acclaimed restaurant Marram Grass

The Barrie brothers have announced their plans to relaunch their renowned restaurant, Marram Grass, on the Isle of Anglesey later this summer.

The site will reopen as Y Marram at its original location in Newborough, initially operating as an events space before transitioning to a daily dining offering.

Speaking in a video on Instagram, Liam Barrie said: “Over the next couple of weeks I will tell you more about what’s happening over there and what we have lined up. For now, all I’m going to say is we’re going to launch a space with events and move quickly into a daily offering.”

He mentioned that recruitment has begun for Y Marram, with opportunities available for both full-time and part-time positions in both the kitchen and front of house.

“I’m looking for a team who are going to deliver the events throughout the season,” he said.

“There’s also opportunity there for experienced guys to come if you think you can add something to our events – if you want to do one event, or do all of them, get your name in there.”

Upcoming events include a guest chef series, commencing with chef and broadcaster Romy Gill on June 7th. Following her, chef and restaurateur Tony Singh will be featured on August 7th, and Adam Reid, the chef patron of the French at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, will follow on August 10th.

Additionally, two events featuring chef and TV personality Jeremy Pang are scheduled for August 24th and 25th.

Liam added: “If you’re a novice thinking about getting into hospitality jumping on board could be great experience especially for a CV and we’ll provide all your training – get your name down and you can be part of the events team and we can just have a real good time with it all.”

Ellis Barrie, who represented the North West on Great British Menu in 2017 and 2018, later shared on his Instagram Stories that he was seeking to hire a head grower/farmer and chefs who loved “changing with the day and can be dictated by the produce”.

He also mentioned his search for specialists in wine, bread, and coffee to fill specific positions within the establishment.

Acorn award winners Liam and Ellis Barrie originally launched the highly-acclaimed Marram Grass restaurant at their parents’ caravan park in Anglesey in 2011. This was followed by Lerpwl at Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock development in autumn 2020.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Marram Grass closed its doors. Additionally, Lerpwl was forced to shut down in March last year due to a dispute with its landlord over pandemic-related rent debt, with the landlord demanding a £30,000 payment.