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Bunsik to bring Korean corn dogs to north London with third site

With popular branches in China Town and Charing Cross, Korean corn dog brand, Bunsik is heading north of London for its latest outpost opening.

Occupying a prime spot situated on Camden High Street, moments from London’s most iconic market, Bunsik will open its third outlet in early October.

Much like its sister sites, the new opening will serve its range of epic corn dogs alongside new additions only available in Camden. A Bunsik first, customers will be able to enjoy bubble tea as well as a menu focused on Korean street food. Think Sweet and Spicy Burgers, Fried Chicken, and Dakgangjeong Cupbap.

Sweet and savoury, chewy and crispy, Korean corn dogs are believed to have been around since the?1980s in Korea and have since gained notoriety in Taiwan, Japan, China, the US, and now, London.

For the uninitiated, a Korean corn dog is made from either sausage, cheese, or a combination of the two; skewered, dipped in batter then rolled in breadcrumbs; topped with potato, diced french fries, crushed ramen noodles, or crispy rice before hitting the fryer and cooked to a perfect golden brown.

Championing this well-loved East Asian snack, Bunsik’s menu will feature all kinds of tasty and authentic options, such as: The Original Corn Dog (Premium pork sausage with crispy outside); Half and Half (A combination of pork sausage and mozzarella cheese); and The Potato Mozzarella Corn Dog (Mozzarella corn dog with potato cubes wrapped around).

The new menu additions will include: Chicken Katsu and Curry Cupbap (Chicken katsu with flavour of choice, served with steamed sticky rice, cabbage, garlic mayo dressing and sesame seeds); Dakgangjeong Cupbap (crispy Korean fried chicken glazed in a sticky, sweet, tangy and spicy sauce served with steamed sticky rice); and the epic Sweet and Spicy Burger.

Fans of bubble tea will be able to order a selection of popular choices as well as a number of Bunsik house favourites. Bubble Tea – in its simplest form – features freshly?brewed tea and milk, served hot, cool, or iced (most popularly the latter), with chewy tapioca?bubbles providing a glorious and delicious mix of textures.

Bringing the world’s hottest new food trend to one of the culinary hotspots in London, Bunsik will feel right at home in Camden, inevitably becoming an iconic spot from the offset.