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Pizza Pilgrims achieves B Corp status

Pizza Pilgrims has joined the exclusive group of UK hospitality businesses holding B Corp status.

To attain B Corp certification, a business undergoes assessment by B Labs, a non-profit organisation, which audits its ethical standards. This certification necessitates a legal commitment to generate benefits for shareholders, workers, customers, and the planet.

In the UK, there are presently over 1,500 B Corp businesses, all of which are obligated to undergo recertification every three years.

Founder Thom Elliot said: 'Ever since I first read about B Corp I have felt it is a movement that I want Pizza Pilgrims to be a part of. We started the company to be a source of happiness – both for ourselves, but also our employees, customers, and the communities we serve.

'To have B Corp as a hugely credible third-party guide and inspiration for ensuring Pizza Pilgrims is a force for good in the future is an exciting step and one I am proud to have achieved with the team.'

Pizza Pilgrims, co-founded by Thom and his brother James, dedicated two years to scrutinising every aspect of its business as it pursued B Corp status. One significant change implemented was a legal commitment to be accountable to all stakeholders, not solely shareholders.

The business expressed its aspiration to serve as a source of inspiration and education for other hospitality businesses eager to join the B Corp movement.

Pizza Pilgrims launched its first permanent pizzeria in 2013 and has since expanded to encompass over 20 sites throughout the UK.