Hobart’s new Two-Level Washer wins FCSI Sustainable catering award

Hobart’s category-defying new Two-Level Washer has received the Sustainable Catering Equipment Award from the FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International).

The accolade, received by David Riley MD of Hobart Equipment Division, was awarded at the most recent CESA conference and recognised Hobart’s ground-breaking innovation in the field of sustainability, as evidenced by the new Two-Level Washer.

The innovative machine is a feat of engineering, making ground-breaking strides in time, energy, water and space saving whilst doubling the capacity and productivity of a conventional hood-type. Water consumption is monitored constantly via Hobart’s senso-active resource management function. For low amounts of soil, water consumption remains low; when it detects increased levels of soil, it increases water levels, helping to reduce operating costs by 20% when compared to a conventional machine.

The machine’s genius-x² fine filter system cleans soiled water in just three steps, reducing detergent consumption by up to 35%. Coarse soil and food waste are collected in the strainer basket, preventing them from reaching the tank.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart UK, says: “This award is recognition of Hobart’s position as a frontrunner in sustainable catering. We’ve invested four years of research and development into the Two-Level Washer and receiving this award from the FSCI is a wonderful reminder that all our hard work is paying off.”