Hobart introduces innovative new lines to help kitchens save space

Hobart is adding two new lines to its highly innovative Bonnet Precipan range – the multifunctional workhorse that uses 30% less kitchen space but has the functionality to master 80% of modern menus.

The new Precipan lines – a 100L and 150L version, respectively – can be incorporated into a compact cooking suite and allow chefs to perform up to nine different functions including grilling, braising, sauté, pan frying, steaming, smoking, boiling and simmering.

The new larger capacity lines join single 18L or 2x18L options, offering kitchens a compelling, four-strong range of options, depending on space and size of operation.

Putting productivity and performance front and centre of the modern kitchen; the larger Precipan models benefit from the very latest touch screen technology – a much simplified user interface, allowing total control over multiple cooking times – and mean chefs can easily cater for up to 500 people at a time.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division, said, “The Precipan is an innovative solution to a distinctly modern problem – diminishing kitchen space. Operators are under pressure to achieve 20% more output from 20% less kitchen space*, which is where multifunctional equipment, created specifically to work in smaller spaces really comes into its own.

“Our research tells us that 55% of tenders now include the requirement for a multifunctional pan; this is something we predict will rise as kitchen space decreases and doing more with less becomes ever more desirable.'