Original Bone Daddies head chef returns as Group Exec Chef

London ramen restaurant group, Bone Daddies has confirmed the return of original head chef and ‘ramen guru’ Tom Moxon to the group.

Moxon, who helped launch the very first Bone Daddies ramen bar in Soho in 2012, left the brand in late 2019 and makes his welcome return this month to take up the position of executive group chef.

Moxon will oversee the menu development at the group’s seven ramen bar sites, as well as the delivery arm of the business. Bone Daddies celebrates 10 years since the launch of its first Soho ramen bar in 2022.

Ahead of his return this month, Moxon commented, “It was made clear when I left at the back end of 2019 that the door was open should I want to return at some point. Of course at that stage nobody knew we were going to experience a global pandemic and almost complete shut down of the UK’s hospitality industry.

“My original plan was to jump on my motorbike with a tent and just keep driving east, climb a few mountains and see where the adventure took me. Then Covid hit, so I ended up moving back to my hometown in Essex and spending quality time with friends and family, so it wasn’t all bad, but when I got the call from Demetri to come back to Bone Daddies, it was a bit of a no-brainer for me to say yes.

“We achieved great things with Bone Daddies over the last 10 years, as most people were not even familiar with ramen when we opened the first site in Soho, so to be re-joining the team ahead of its 10th anniversary year feels pretty special.“

Moxton revealed, “I’ve got some new ideas to shake the menu up a bit and maybe bring back some old school Bone Daddies’ classics too - I do often think about our “Instant” Korean Army Ramen dish, which was one of my favourite creations back in the early days, so perhaps that will make a return appearance in the not so so distant future!

“And we’ve got some awesome guest chef collabs and other stuff lined-up to celebrate the 10th birthday next year. 2022 is going to be big for Bone Daddies!”

Moxon returns to Bone daddies as executive group chef this October. Bone Daddies celebrates its 10th anniversary year in 2022, with a year-long calendar of activity planned.

Bone Daddies was founded by Ross Shonhan and Demetri Tomazos and Ross Shonhan, with Tom Moxon onboard as head chef. Ross stepped away from the business in early 2020, leaving Demetri to take the brand forward.