Shake Shack launches Hot Honey menu

Fast casual eatery chain, Shake Shack has launched its Hot Honey menu, a perfect marriage of sweet and spicy, just in time for spring.

The menu, which will run until 31 May, features the Hot Honey Chicken Burger: a hot honey-glazed crispy chicken breast topped with our cabbage and apple slaw on a toasted potato bun. The chicken is 100% breast, hand-breaded and cooked to order every time.

Also on the menu is Hot Honey Bites: crispy, hand breaded, 100% chicken, bites dusted with our Hot Honey seasoning, served with hot honey sauce.

To go with the chicken, there is the new Bacon Herb May Fries: crinkle-cut fries topped with applewood-smoked bacon, spring onions and herb mayo.

A new Shake also joins the menu: Strawberry Rhubarb Shake features vanilla custard blended with real strawberry + rhubarb topped with whipped cream, strawberries + streusel.

Also new, Strawberry Salted Lime Lemonade: seal strawberry and lime mixed in house with the brand's owm lemonade.

Founded in New York in 2004, Shake Shack currentlyhas 13 UK outlets.