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Central Hall Westminster awarded Soil Association’s bronze certification

Iconic London conference venue, Central Hall Westminster has been awarded the Soil Association’s bronze certification by meeting the ‘Food for Life Served Here’ standards.

The conference and events venue, which houses Wesley’s Café, was given the award for its in-house hospitality and retail which met a strict set of criteria, to ensure the venue maintains a strong standard of provenance and traceability to guarantee that customers receive meals which are prepared using environmentally sustainable and seasonal ingredients.

Some of the criteria that Wesley’s had to meet included no trans fats or additives used in food, 75% of menu dishes created from scratch, guaranteeing catering staff are trained in fresh food preparation, ensuring fish from the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) ‘fish to avoid’ list is not served at the venue and sourcing eggs from cage-free hens, are among the requirements.

Central Hall Westminster’s exclusive in-house catering partner, Kudos has amended the venue’s supply chain to align with the company’s ethos of supporting local suppliers, by sourcing all produce from Essex and surrounding counties.

Kudos has also ensured that all meat is purchased from a Red Tractor certified butcher who is also audited by The Soil Association; which guarantees traceability, good animal welfare, food safety, hygiene and environmental protection to meet the caterer's high standards of ensuring all venues managed by the caterer significantly reduce their carbon footprint through innovative and modern techniques.

Commenting on Central Hall’s success, Gareth Wilson, Director of Catering at Kudos, said, “We’re extremely proud to receive this prestigious award from the Soil Association.”

Wilson continued: “This was a natural fit for us, as we at Kudos approach food sourcing with our own, very high standards and aim to ensure that traceability and provenance is at the top of our priorities, so our clients can experience the highest level of catering possible.”