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Yorkshire bistrot to open by MasterChef winner Eddie Scott

Eddie Scott, the winner of MasterChef UK 2022, is set to unveil L'Opaline Bistrot in Beverley, East Yorkshire on 1 May.

L'Opaline Bistrot will showcase a fusion of French and Indian regional cuisines, reflecting Eddie Scott's passion for both cuisines.

Guests can indulge in a diverse array of culinary delights at L'Opaline Bistrot throughout the week, with Thursdays to Saturdays featuring a tempting selection of French and Indian dishes. Wednesdays will be reserved for a biryani feast, which is Scott's signature dish.

On Sundays, L'Opaline will offer an authentic Lyonnais brunch, the Mâchon, served on communal tables.

Scott posted on his Instagram account that the restaurant brings together his two culinary worlds.

'L'Opaline represents everything that I love about food and will be a celebration of my passion for the classic cuisines of France and India - featuring no-nonsense, rustic and regional dishes, very reflective of the bustling local bistrots that I love to eat in,' he wrote.

The restaurant's name pays tribute to Scott's fond memories of E Leclerc's L'Opaline supermarket cafeteria in L'Immaculée, near Saint Nazaire in France, which operated from the late 1990s until its demolition in 2004.