Over 50% of Seasoned clients choose vegan dish

Event catering firm, Seasoned have significantly increased the vegan content of its menus. Now over 50% of its clients are choosing a vegan dish as part of their menu selection and it isn’t just those who follow an exclusively vegan diet that are selecting vegan dishes.

The variety of options available has meant that guests are not making their choice because of dietary requirements but because they are attracted to the dishes available.

In the past month, a Seasoned wedding client that had not specifically requested a vegan menu, in fact selected vegan dishes for the entire wedding party because they were their favourite dishes on the menu.

It is not just with menu choices that Seasoned have been working to further their sustainability credentials. To stop the reliance of cling film within the business, in the past four months, over 15,000 portions of food have been transported in containers with re-sealable lids.

Seasoned also supported a client looking to host a more sustainable event by suggesting British compostable coffee cups and no coffee cup sleeves to further reduce waste.

Seasoned will be producing its full results and initiatives for the coming year at year end, as part of its ongoing commitment to their ISO accreditations.