Innis & Gunn buys Inveralmond Brewery for £3.1m

One of Scotland’s largest independent brewers, Innis & Gunn has acquired Perth's Inveralmond Brewery in £3.1m deal, and plans to create a state of the art brewing centre.

The move will see Innis & Gunn embark on renovation of the facility, installing a brand new oak barrel maturation warehouse, as well as Innis & Gunn’s unique proprietary infusion equipment.

The company is also planning to install new ‘Hop Gunns’ to maximise hop aroma in certain beers through an amplified dry-hopping technique, and is assessing the feasibility of installing a small bottling line in 2017.

The purchase has been entirely funded by £3.1m of capitol raised through the Innis & Gunn BeerBond crowdfunding programme, which saw fans of the brewer invest in the business.

The new production scale will allow the brewer to meet the growing demand for its beers, as well as offering flexibility for future expansion as both Innis & Gunn and Inveralmond continue to grow.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and master brewer at Innis & Gunn, said, “The acquisition of Inveralmond gives us the dedicated brewing facility that we need to meet the growing demand for our beers. It gives us a home where we can innovate and experiment with some of the new brewing processes we’ve been dreaming up.”

Fergus Clark, founder and managing director at Inveralmond continued, “To me this feels like a real win-win. Our Inveralmond beers will gain access to a sales and distribution infrastructure that will massively accelerate the growth of our beers both at home and Internationally, while at the same time Innis & Gunn gets the brewery they want 18 months earlier than if they had to build it themselves.”