Rekom boss says Welsh FM nightclub closure move not based on facts

In light of the Welsh Government’s decision to close nightclubs from 27 December, Peter Marks, CEO of Rekom UK, the largest nightclub operator in the country, has made comment.

Marks said, “The decision by the Welsh Government to close nightclubs from 27th December is quite clearly a virtue signalling political decision, and not one based on any semblance of fact.

'This damaging decision targets the very people whose wellbeing is affected the least by Covid-19, but have been affected the most by the consequences of political decisions. These are decisions that have destroyed their education and social lives and a lot more besides.'

Marks continued, “Nightclubs are not the ‘super spreader hotbeds’ they are reported to be. The fact is that infection rates in our core customer demographic of young people aged 18-25 have actually fallen dramatically since nightclubs reopened.

'The spread of Covid-19 is not about the number of people in a venue but about capacity and quality of ventilation. A crowded, poorly ventilated pub or bar at capacity will bring a much higher risk of Covid-19 when compared to a large, well-ventilated nightclub.

“Should there be an evidence-based reason for late night leisure venues to close in the interest of public health, we demand financial support that reflects the significant economic and social contribution of our sector. Certainly an increase on the paltry support given previously, which amounted to a 66% shortfall for clubs in comparison with other areas of hospitality.'

Marks concluded, 'Once again, nightclubs are the most hit, but the least supported. This has to stop.”

The award-winning Rekom UK currently operates 42 venues with a total of 1,300 employees.