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Restaurant Sat Bains retains two Michelin stars

Nottingham's Restaurant Sat Bains has retained its two Michelin stars at last night’s Michelin Guide Awards 2020 – this will be the 8th year the restaurant has held the coveted award.

Alongside Chef Patron Sat Bains, Head Chef John Freeman is the backbone of the kitchen and has been Sat’s right hand man for 17 years.

Freeman takes charge of the day-to-day running of the food operation, allowing Bains the creative freedom to dream, taste, push, nurture, evolve the food ideology and the menu.

The restaurant offers a seven-course or ten-course tasting menu that changes with the seasons, and is produce and flavour driven. A brand new mallard dish is pictured.

In the grounds, two beehives have recently been introduced. Sat Bains said, 'We brought in two beekeepers to look after the hives and the first batch of honey came in August and was incredible - quite citrus-y and light in colour.

'Earlier this month, we introduced a new dessert - honey drizzled over some cre`me fraiche ice-cream and cre`me fraiche with fennel pollen, bee pollen and camomile, sat in a frozen bowl. Everything used in the dish has some cross-pollination with the bees, and we will drizzle natural honey over the dish at the table to create a further talking point.'

The seven bedrooms have enjoyed a refurbishment in spring/summer, overseen by Amanda Bains, that comprise three double bedrooms, two superior bedrooms and two suites.

All the bedrooms now contain new smart TVs, while cumbersome four-poster beds and heavy furniture have made way for more a streamlined look. The rooms include wifi and air conditioning too.

Guests booking the suites are treated to old-school favourites such as Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Topic, Picnic, Fish ‘n’ Chips Crisps, Scampi Fries and Salt and Vinegar Squares.

The suites also offer a bottle of gin, which is chargeable, presented with an ice bucket, limes and handsome glassware. The suites also now include GHD hair tools too.